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Mesothelioma For Healthcare Professionals

Welcome to the LCNUK mesothelioma webpage. The aim of which is to provide lung cancer nurses with a comprehensive overview of mesothelioma including treatment options and guidance on compensation and benefits. 

According to Cancer Research UK:- 

  • There are around 2,700 new mesothelioma cases in the UK every year, that's more than 7 every day (2015-2017).
  • Mesothelioma is not among the 20 most common cancers in the UK, accounting for less than 1% of all new cancer cases (2017).
  • 2,490 patients die each year due to a mesothelioma diagnosis
  • Only 7% of patients will reach a 5 year survival
  • 94% of mesothelioma cases are preventable.

We know that mesothelioma is a relatively uncommon condition and many lung cancer nurses may only care for one or two mesothelioma patients a year. Finding evidence-based information can be time consuming and it is hoped that this webpage will provide lung cancer nurses with access to all the relevant information and support they need to be able to care for mesothelioma patients.

We are very grateful for the support and collaboration of Mesothelioma UK on the development of this webpage. Mesothelioma UK remains committed to supporting patients and their families and as such currently fund 31 Mesothelioma Clinical Nurse Specialists across the UK to ensure that patients receive face to face support. Mesothelioma UK also have virtual support for patients and their families via a free helpline, social media and emails. 

The blocks below include links to resources developed by LCNUK and also links to Mesothelioma UK resources which we hope you find helpful.

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