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Thoracic Surgical Group

The LCNUK Surgical Group consists mainly of Thoracic Nurse Specialists and Lung Cancer Nurse Specialists who are members of the LCNUK. The group is keen to develop links to other Health Professionals working within the specialism of Thoracic Surgery to enhance the care and support of patients undergoing surgical procedures for suspected or confirmed thoracic malignancies.

We recognise the benefit of collaboration with other Health Professionals who work within the Thoracic Speciality, to learn from each other and to promote excellence in the care of this patient group.

The LCNUK Thoracic Surgical Group is keen develop, produce and disseminate key information and guidance in relation to Thoracic Surgery. Encouragement to share models of good practice, to provide a network of specialists across the UK and a forum to influence policy will ultimately enhance the care of those undergoing thoracic surgery.

The group will aim to meet at least three times a year and sponsorship is provided to help with expenses.

As one key aim is to produce key information and guidance, specific work streams will be negotiated within the group with a view to the eventual production and promotion of this work. Members of the group will be expected to bring their enthusiasm and be prepared to showcase their speciality with examples of good practice to enhance discussion and debate.

In addition we ask those attending to be committed to contribute to the work of the group and to be enthusiastic in its goals.

The group’s current work includes the development of a Guideline for Patient Information on Enhanced Recovery in Thoracic Surgery’.

 Work output from the Thoracic Surgical group will be disseminated through the LCNUK website and can be shared with any other relevant speciality of the members of the group. Support will be given to promote the work at local and other relevant specialist conferences. In addition, there are key national and international conferences which provide an opportunity to showcase the work of the group such as the Lung Cancer Nurses UK Conference, the British Thoracic Oncology Group annual meeting and the World Lung Cancer Conference.

Dissemination of the work will also aim to include publication in relevant journals and other publications.

If you are interested in joining the thoracic surgical oncology group of the LCNUK please contact our operations team at

Thoracic Surgical Oncology Group Resources

For a copy of the minutes of the last surgical oncology group committee meeting.

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