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About Us

Lung Cancer Nursing UK was established in 1998 as the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses (NLCFN). In 2019, to celebrate its 20th anniversary the new name, Lung Cancer Nursing UK, was announced - to improve understanding of the expertise and professionalism of specialist nurses amongst healthcare professionals and policy makers.

Membership has increased from around 40 in 1997 to approximately 300 members today. This increase in nurses specialising in caring for patients with lung cancer has led to many nurses being employed in many different roles, often feeling isolated and with little support. The organisation was established primarily to provide networking and support nurses in this situation.

The success of the organisation is indicative that there was a real need for nurses, to build links and networks. Membership is open to any specialist nurse who spends more than 50% of their working week or clinical activities in caring for patients with lung cancer and or mesothelioma.  Associate membership is open to those who do not meet this criteria. The experience and clinical background of the members working environments are very diverse, including, palliative care, oncology (cancer centres or units) respiratory medicine, community and others, this affords the organisation a wealth of knowledge in to which members can access.

The activities of the group fall into four distinct categories, these are as follows:


  • Improving the care lung cancer patients receive.
  • Disseminating best practice and sharing  information and knowledge


  • Keeping member up to date with the latest lung cancer news through our e-bulletins
  • Highlighting new developments in the UK.
  • Encouraging regional participation within LCNUK


  • Providing a forum to disseminate new developments, skills, treatments and practice through educational programmes, annual conference, resources and publications
  • Sharing clinical updates and best practice with members
  • Supporting and fostering audit and research in lung cancer and within the role of the LCNS


  • Providing support and networking, infrastructure and opportunities.
  • Campaigning for and supporting the role of the lung cancer nurse specialist
  • Providing a voice on clinical and strategic issues.
  • Highlighting the specialist role of nurses in caring for people with lung cancer and mesothelioma
  • Representing lung cancer nurse specialists on national and international bodies and organisations

For more information on the history of the LCNUK, download a booklet.

Join Lung Cancer Nursing UK

Be a member of a dynamic and cohesive forum of lung cancer nurse specialists (LCNS) working throughout the UK. Membership costs just £30 per year and is open to any specialist nurse who spends more than 50% of their working week or clinical activities in caring for patients with lung cancer.

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Annual Conference

Join us for the LCNUK Conference 2024, the go-to event for any nurse working in lung cancer.

Held Thursday 20th - Friday 21st June at the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow. In this year’s event we’ll be returning to the fundamentals that are so important to our role focusing on patient centred care and symptom management.

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