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Specialist lung cancer nurses

The clinical nurse specialist is a nurse who has expert knowledge and experience in lung cancer, often called your key worker; they form part of the team of healthcare professionals who will be providing support, information and advice during your investigations, diagnosis and treatment.

The lung cancer nurse specialist team can offer;

  • Advice and support following a diagnosis of cancer
  • Full holistic assessment of your needs, and assist to control any symptoms you may have
  • Time to talk about any concerns or questions you may have
  • Up to date information about the lung cancer and its treatment if and when required
  • Contact with local and national cancer services and support groups
  • Emotional support for you and your family
  • Liaison with other health care professionals to provide continuity of care
  • Information regarding benefit entitlements for cancer patients

The role of the lung cancer clinical nurse specialist team;

  • To act as your key worker
  • To work as a member of the lung cancer specialist team
  • To make sure your care runs smoothly
  • To act as a point of contact about any aspect of your care
  • The service is confidential.  You can discuss your worries and / or concerns directly



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