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Facilitating and tracking investigations for patients with lung cancer

By Diana Borthwick & Julie Mencnarowski, Western General Hospital

Category: Investigation Process

The problem identified

Patients with lung cancer can present through multiple points of entry to the service, and many different health professionals can be involved in their care. Problems with care pathways have been identified in previous audits of lung cancer management in South-East Scotland. Improving and streamlining the process of care for patients with lung cancer through the pathway in a timely fashion presents a major challenge to all healthcare professionals.

The intervention made to change the problem

To streamline the pathway and keep patients on our 'radar' during the investigative period, we developed a proforma to enable patients to be tracked. This enables the LCNS to be more proactive in chasing results or dates for investigations ensures patients are seen quickly and within recognised waiting times.

How it changed my practice

Completing the proforma on a weekly basis is time consuming but it ensures patients are discussed by the team regularly and pathways are more efficient. This also helps us to prevent patients from breaching waiting times. In the last year we have developed a shared drive where the proforma is housed with other relevant documents. This ensures accessibility for all members of the team. This invaluable tool helps to streamline the processes of care and provide optimal management for patients with lung cancer.


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