Nurse-led follow-up for results - Breaking bad news within the home setting if this is the preferred option

By Paul McKenna & Christine Marsden, Pendle Community Hospital

Category: Diagnosis and Initial Needs

The problem identified

Choice of setting was identified as a key issue for people who were poor performance status at diagnosis and were deemed to be for "best supportive care" as treatment intervention decided at MDT meeting.

The intervention made to change the problem

Patients and carers are now given an option in terms of the location where they can be told results. A service led agreement with chest physicians has given the approval for this service to be developed and subsequently piloted. The lung CNS team has been employing this initiative for a number of months and a pilot questionnaire has been developed, due to be sent out in July to ascertain opinion.

How it changed my practice

Early indicators tell us that this concept and initiative is highly successful for certain categories of lung cancer patients who are symptomatic and too unwell to attend outpatient clinic follow-up. Our concept allows choice and offers sensitivity in delivering information in surroundings which suits particular patients and carers. The chest physicians are incredibly positive about this initiative, backing the process 100%. It allows the CNS to develop closeness to individuals and become an ally and companion to whom they can consult for help and advice on their cancer journey.


NICE Guidelines on Lung Cancer 2005/Cancer Reform Strategy 2007.

Published: 2017

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