Preventing inappropriate admission to hospital through nurse-led telephone consultation clinic

By Louise Gilham, Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Category: Investigation Process

The problem identified

With the increasing numbers of patients being investigated for lung cancer/mesothelioma, patients need accurate information at all stages of the cancer pathway. Following MDM discussion patients traditionally attended clinic to be informed of the need for further investigation or indeed information giving. This was creating capacity problems in terms of clinic availability and consultant time. To address this a formalised nurse-led telephone clinic was implemented to prevent unnecessary hospital attendance.

The intervention made to change the problem

An electronic template was required to capture activity / audit discussion and communication with all MDM team to gain agreement and inform of the process of change.

How it changed my practice

The aim will be to further develop this initiative through implementing a "virtual reality" clinic consultation as technology develops within the NHS.

Resource / Cost implications

Consultation appointment slots freed up - therefore allowing effective usage of clinic time.

Published: 2017

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