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Setting up a nurse-led post MDT diagnostic clinic

By Sandra Wakelin, Maidstone and Kent

Category: Pre-Diagnosis and Referral

The problem identified

Patient being investigated at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust were facing delays waiting for their results and treatment plan after the MDT. This was impacting on the 62 day target.

The intervention made to change the problem

Setting up of a nurse-led clinic the day after the MDT to streamline the service. The Lung CNS' liaised with the consultant chest physicians and the medical directorate general manager and developed a protocol to ensure safe and streamlined review of patients. At that time the lung cancer pathway was changing so that the Lung CNS' were in the initial 2ww clinic appointment to meet and support the patients throughout their investigations.

How it changed my practice

The Lung CNS' now routinely meet patients in the 2ww clinic and support them throughout their investigations. Following the MDT patients are contacted via the secretaries and an appointment is arranged for the following day. The lung CNS's have completed their consultation and clinical examination module together with non-medical prescribing course to enable them to review patients in this clinic.

Resource / Cost implications

Income generating clinic and also freeing up consultant slots to enable more new patients to be seen.


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