Committee Application

If you would like to apply for election to the LCNUK Committee please complete the details below, together with a supporting statement of your interests and what you would contribute to the LCNUK through being a member of the committee (maximum of 300 words) by 23rd April 2021. Make sure to press submit at the bottom of the form to complete your application. Applications can only be received by those who have the support of their employer to take on this role.
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I confirm that am a lung cancer nurse specialist spending at least 50% of my working week on clinical activities related to caring for patients with lung cancer
I confirm that my manager is fully supportive of my application for the LCNUK committee

Applicants must commit to attending 6 committee meetings per year and the LCNUK annual conference as well acting as an ambassador for lung cancer nursing, representing LCNUK on key strategic national groups and participating in regular email correspondence.

All committee members must complete an annual conflicts of interest declaration

In the event that there are more applications than positions available an election of the membership will take place and the person with the most votes appointed

Please outline why you want to become a committee member, what you think you will be able to contribute as a member of the committee and any special interests you have related to your role as a lung cancer nurse specialist

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