What have data ever done for us?

7 July 2021, 16.30 - 17.30

The national lung cancer audit is the only cancer audit in the UK which has been collecting data for the last 17 years. This information gives an in-depth understanding of standards of care in lung cancer care and outcomes.

The webinar, presented by Dr Neal Navani, Simon Cairnes & Karen Graham, is designed to help you understand your role in this unique national initiative and how you can help drive improvements. As services are being asked to evidence their practice and ensure that patients receive the best outcomes, the importance of data collection has never been so high.

The webinar will take you through the history of the national lung cancer audit and how it has stimulated improvements in care for patients with lung cancer by measuring variations in quality and outcomes.

The webinar is a product of a long-standing partnership between the Royal College of Physicians, the Lung Cancer Nursing UK and Public Health England, who have come together to champion the use of data in the NHS.

We will welcome your questions for the Q & A at the end of the session.

Our webinars are for healthcare professionals only.

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Simon CairnesSimon Cairnes

Simon is the current National Disease Registration Service (NDRS) Data Liaison Manager for the East Midlands region of the country. As part of his role he oversees data completion & performance management on a range of cancer datasets including the National Lung Cancer Audit (NLCA). Simon acts as point of contact for NHS Trusts Cancer departments, Clinicians, Cancer Nurse Specialists, Cancer Alliances and Clinical Commissioning Groups for general queries, training sessions and driving data improvement. Simon has previous experience working in management for three cancer departments within secondary care in the North West of England, having progressed from an initial role of MDT coordinator. Simon has transferred his knowledge of performance management and process implementation from secondary care to the NDRS organisation and implemented new resources for data-validation. Simon has worked with several cancer database software suppliers to allow dataset specific validation tools that help visually present patient-level analysis based on stage, tumour site of diagnosis & timescale of diagnosis. This logic has evolved and been implemented over seven cancer datasets including the National Lung Cancer Audit. Simon has also been pivotal in the introduction of data reports on previously unevaluated data quality issues raised during the registration process at NDRS. This includes patient level identification of missing pathology returns where pathological diagnoses have been documented for registration via the COSD dataset.

Karen GrahamKaren Graham

Karen is the head of the data improvement team for the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Services (NCRAS) managing a nationwide team of data improvement managers, business intelligence specialists and data loaders located in each of the NCRAS regional offices. Karen is interested in the improved registration of rare cancers, staging of all cancers at diagnosis and, more recently, outcome data with a particular focus on recurrence and progression. Karen provides expert advice to the Cancer Outcomes and Services Dataset (COSD) board, National Audit programmes, the Radiotherapy (RTDS) project and specialist system suppliers. Since Karen’s appointment to NCRAS, national staging data has improved from 49% to 87%. Previously, Karen was responsible for data improvement and cancer management system implementation projects in the North West and London. The success of these projects has formed the basis for subsequent data improvement programmes implemented across England, with consultancy also provided to Wales and Scotland. Karen and the data improvement team continue to provide direct consultancy to client trusts to support and enhance their ability to collect cancer data, assisting cancer teams with strategies and methodologies for reporting and monitoring, data flows, encouraging engagement and data quality - and, as such, represent a particularly valuable resource to any research or data analysis projects with an interest in extracting data from client organisations.

Julia McAdamJulia McAdam

LCNUK Committee member, Julia McAdam has worked as a Macmillan Lung Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist in Shropshire for sixteen years. Prior to that she worked in Haematology, Oncology and as a Ward sister at her local hospice. More recently Julia undertook the role of Lead Cancer Nurse for the Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust. This led to numerous leadership opportunities within the Trust, and in particular the relationship that was established during 2015 with St. George's Hospital in London, as part of the NHS IQ Buddy programme. Julia is an active member of the West Midlands Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses, stepping down from the Chair in June 2018. The West Midlands forum promotes research and innovation and encourages peer support for approximately 40 Clinical Nurse Specialists across the region.More recently the group has extended the membership to a Lung Cancer Specialist Radiographer and a Lung Cancer Research Nurse Specialist. This has allowed to look at the different roles and work more collaboratively with our tertiary centres. In 2017 the WMLCFN launched a regional mesothelioma support group which has grown in number and provides specialist advice and support to their patients. The group is supported by Mesothelioma UK. In 2016, Julia and her colleagues launched the Lung Support Programme at their hospital. The aim of the programme is to support Lung Cancer patients with the holistic elements of their care needs, as well introducing a physical activity facilitator to help promote their recovery from treatment. This innovation came after colleagues had learned of a similar project at the NLCFN conference in Windsor. Julia was awarded an MA in Medical Ethics and Law from Keele University in 2007 and in 2018 completed the Non Medical Prescribing module (Wolverhampton University) in order to improve the current nurse led services offered to patients.

Dr Neal NavaniDr Neal Navani

Neal Navani qualified in Medicine from Cambridge and UCL in 2000 with distinction and several University prizes. He trained in Respiratory Medicine at the Brompton and Hammersmith Hospitals before winning a Medical Research Council Fellowship in 2008 and completing his PhD at UCL in 2011. He has also completed an MSc in Clinical Trials and Biostatistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Dr Navani is lead clinician for the lung cancer service at UCLH, senior clinical lead of the UK National Lung Cancer Audit and is the respiratory representative on the current NICE lung cancer guideline and quality standards. He also chairs the lung cancer board for the North Central and East London Cancer Alliance. He is on the steering group of the British Thoracic Oncology Group, UK Lung Cancer Coalition and Thoracic Oncology board of the American Thoracic Society. Dr Navani was also appointed a member of the NHS England Lung Cancer Clinical Expert Group in 2021. Dr Navani is an Associate Professor at UCL. He is a co-applicant on >£3m of grant funding and currently holds a CRUK grant for the early diagnosis of lung cancer and a separate CRUK grant for developing novel methods for cancer data collection. In 2020, Dr Navani won a prestigious MRC / NIHR fellowship to research predictors of cancer in lung nodules. @LungConsultant

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