Small Grant Applications

Complete the details below to submit your application.   The closing date for applications is 7th September 2019 5.00PM.  A decision will be made before 4 October 2019.

Your details
First Name, Last Name and Email address of lead applicant if different from above - each work separated by a semi-colon
Please enter the date that your project is due to start (or the date that the project started if it is already under way/complete)
Enter the date that your project ended/is due to end
Project overview
Please provide a brief summary of the project including the aims and objectives (maximum 350 words)
Enter the value of the grant you are requesting (Maximum value of grant £5,000.00)
Please provide a budget of what the grant, if successful, how it will be spent on detailing expenditure and explaining what you require, how many and the value for each cost item
Please detail any patient and public involvement that has been conducted to develop the project
Project Detail
Please provide background information for your project - what is the nature of the issue/problem, why did you undertake to do this project?
What are the aims and objectives of this project? What do you hope to achieve?
What is the project/study design?
What is the project/study setting
What will the project/study methods and size be?
Please provide details on the project/study data collection
How will you analyse the data?
Please provide information and detail on ethics approval for this project
How will you disseminate the results of this study?
Outcomes and Impacts

This section of the application form provides the opportunity for you to provide an explanation of how the project will meet the judging criteria

The ability to address one of the research priority areas identified by the NLCFN Research Interest Group: • Lifestyle and rehabilitation interventions. • Care for patients after active treatment. • Lung cancer in the elderly. • Long term effects (psychosocial, late effects) on quality of life after concurrent chemo/radiotherapy. • Psychosocial impact of egfr and targeted therapy. • Impact of the Lung cancer CNS on quality and safety of care and patient experience. • Holistic needs assessment.
Please provide a timeline for the study with key activities and delivery dates
Please provide a breakdown of the project team listing all members of the team and their role and highlighting the project leader (at least one member of the project team must be a member of NLCFN)
Please list the key risks associated with the delivery of this project and any steps you have/will undertake to mitigate against these risks
Team and Authorisation
I confirm that the details listed in this application are honest, accurate and complete. Nothing undertaken in this project will affect the reputation or good will of the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses.
I confirm that the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses will be provided with the opportunity to review any material arising from this project prior to publication in any journals, publications or websites
Full acknowledgement to the NLCFN will be given of funding and any other support provided in any publication (electronic or print)
I confirm that my manager is supportive of my participation in this project and has provided full authorisation to proceed

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