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DasH Global and LCNUK Health Companion

The Lung Cancer Nursing UK Health Companion

Introducing a new national service to support you and your patients in the management of lung cancer
Your "Health Companion”

What is it?

In collaboration with DaSH Global, we have developed a new digital ‘Health Companion’ which enables patients to submit data regarding their quality of life and experiences in the management of lung cancer as well as any costs associated with the condition. The programme has previously been piloted as part of a study for Mesothelioma UK and adapted for lung cancer.   Patients can submit their answers at any time outside routine clinical appointments.

How does it benefit my patients?

Patients will be able to take more control in the management of their lung cancer, by providing them the capability to record, monitor and communicate healthcare information and  improve the interaction and outcomes they have with healthcare services.

How does it benefit me/LCNUK?

The data collected from the ‘Health Companion’ will provide evidence to support better targeting of services and enhance the nurse-patient communications.  Health Companion managers will also be available to support the patients directly or via communications with the clinical nurse. 

LCNUK, as part of this partnership, will be able to access the anonymised data to undertake research and audit and may be able to earn money from sales of anonymised data to pharmaceutical companies for research.

How much time/work is involved from me?

Each nurse, who would like to offer their patients the opportunity to use the Health Companion, will need to register it with their NHS Trust audit process/department.  Support is available to help you with this process. 

Apart from this each nurse will then be responsible for the initial patient discussion about the Health Companion, providing an information leaflet and gaining the patient's consent to forward their contact details to the Health Companion Manager.  The patient will then be in control of the process. We would anticipate this initial patient discussion and consent would take in the region of 10-15 mins per patient.

Any technical support questions on the Health Companion can be addressed to the Health Companion Managers who support the programme.


If you’re interested in participating in this exciting new initiative, simply complete this short form and we'll get in touch with you to guide you through the sign-up process and arrange for you to be supported in seeking Trust approval to proceed with this programme if this is not already in place.

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